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Iris Colomb - Parts apart / parts à part — assemblage


Iris Colomb‘s practice explores different relationships between visual and spoken forms of text through projects often involving experimental translation and poetic book-objects. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances across the UK, as well as in Austria, Romania, and France. Iris’ pamphlet I'm Shocked came out with Bad Betty Press in 2018, her chapbook just promise you won’t write was published by Gang Press, and her artist books have been collected and exhibited by the National Poetry Library since 2017. Her poems have also appeared in magazines such as Poetry Wales, 3:AM, Tentacular and Datableed, as well as in a number of UK anthologies.

Assemblage is a performance of the poetic object ‘parts apart / parts à part’. This poem is written between English and French, and composed of 24 ice cubes. It takes the interlingual homographs ‘part’ and the quasi-homographs ‘apart’ (en) and ‘à part’ (fr) as starting points to play with ideas of connectedness and separateness, translation and distance.

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