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Welcome: Who We Are
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online talks about art and its whereabouts • poetry events • exhibitions • art meditations 


What is artBLAB:

artBLAB runs a series of laid-back talks about art and its whereabouts. At the artBLAB events -  in-person and online - artists, and art professionals representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity. We present both emerging and well-established creatives. We love networking - our event connects artists and art aficionados that wouldn't otherwise meet.

artBLAB also means poetry, in every shape and form. From poetry readings, concrete poetry workshops, exhibitions, and zoom meet-ups, to our new baby, "Beyond Text" Innovative Poetry Festival. 

Soon, artBLAB will also run a series of art meditations, that combines art history class, Slow Art looking exercises, and traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques. 


What we believe:

artBLAB believes in art equality, it doesn't discriminate against any type of art - we love experimental poetry as much as we adore interaction design! We believe in the talent, and not in the position on the art scene or within academia. Lastly, we believe great things happen at intersections, that's why we encourage speakers to collaborate on future art projects and we mix various audiences.

Who we are:

artBLAB is organised by two human beings passionate about art, Michal Kamil Piotrowski and Marta Grabowska.

Michal is a tech and visual poet, and most importantly, the father and driving force behind artBLAB and "Beyond Text" Innovative Poetry Festival. You can chat with him @somecoolwords 

Marta is an independent curatoress and art historian, who loves networking and started artBLAB:online. Marta is a believer in the power of Slow Art, a champion of underrepresented artists and narratives, and our art meditation guru. See what she is up to @martuga.grabowska

Welcome: What We Do


No events.

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Mattias Adolfsson

Boyana Aleksova

Christopher Andreou 

David Ashford


Tim Atkins

Maria Valeria Biondo

William Bishop-Stephens

Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset

Millie Boardman

Ben Bradish-Ellames

Serena Braida

Josephine Carter

Richard A Carter

Marta Casagrande

Sarah Cave

Luisa Charles

Iris Colomb

Simon Croft

Adelaide Damoah

Małgorzata Dawidek

Jacek Dehnel

Mikołaj Dymowski

Stephen Emmerson

Amy Evans Bauer

Peter Falconer

Sarah Fitterer

Francis Gene-Rowe


Lisa Golze

Marta Grabowska

Tom Hadfield

Marta Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins

Hello the Mushroom

Cady Herring

Luba Hilman

Christopher Houghton Budd

Galina Hristova

Paul Ingram


Benjamin Irritant

Miryana Ivanova

Paweł Franciszek Jaskuła

Anna Jochymek

Alicja Kamaj

John Kilburn 

Sylwia Krason

Anaïs Lalange

Fran Lock

Estelle Lovatt

Marta Marsicka

Matt Martin

Matete Martini

Alice McCabe

Aodán McCardle

Niamh Seana Meehan

Andor Merks

Barbara Mihályi

Stephen Mooney

Emma Louise Moore

Nick Murray

Nik Nightingale

Marco Oggian

Ryan O'Riordan

Carlos Orti Roig

Konstantinos Papacharalampos

Astra Papachristodoulou

Alicja Pawluczuk

Flo Perlin

Michał Kamil Piotrowski

Suzanne Posthumus

Joanna Pottle

Jasmine Pradissitto

Coral Pryke-Syrett

Guillaume Quérard

Zula Rabikowska

Taxi Rank

Perrine Renard

Tobias Revell

Jose Sánchez Peinado

Karenjit Sandhu

Kate Shevchenko

Ricardo Silvestre

Yein Son

Joshua Spiller

Verity Spott

Elliot Stew

Sophie Stone


Piotr Szreniawski

Dominika "Śomi" Śniegocka

I-Chien Tang

Naina Thada Magar

Isaac White

J Whitehead

Ralph Whitehead

Steve Willey

Steven Aron Williams

Sing Yun Lee

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